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Are You Ready To Settle Down And Buy Your First Family Home In Canada?
Posted on Thu, 20 Jul 2017, 09:55:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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It is much easier for many people to rent an apartment or live at home with parents for a while. These types of living arrangements are flexible and can often be changed whenever needed to meet your needs. In this sense, there is a bit of comfort in never having to feel tied down in one location for too long. Still, if you have a family you will likely be looking to settle down and buy your first Canadian home eventually. If you are in this position at the moment, consider asking yourself the following questions:settling down

Do You Have The Money Saved Up?

If you have been renting or living for free at your parents’ home, then you should have been saving money up for the day that you would eventually buy your first family home. You likely have a job, even if it is not great, and your significant other likely has a job as well so between the both of you, you should have a bit of money saved up and ready for the move. If you were unable to save up, then you may wish to consider finding a bit of extra income and waiting until you have a decent amount of money saved up for the purpose of purchasing your first home.

Have You Done Your Research?

You may be quick to sign away with your sales representative on the first home that you see if you have not done your research. Even if the first home you view will be the home that you ultimately choose, you should be doing your research to figure out what the competitive homes on the market look like. This can help you negotiate for a lower closing cost.

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

When you move into a home, you should be willing to give up a few aspects of the life that you are currently living. You will, for example, not just be able to pick up and leave a month after buying the house if it turns out to be a nightmare. In this case, you will be giving up flexibility. You should also be willing to give up more money than you may have dedicated to rent and utilities at your prior apartment or living arrangement. In any case, you should be willing to figure out what you will be giving up and whether or not you are actually comfortable with doing so.

Will You Be Moving Far From Your Current Place Of Residence?

It is important to ask yourself whether or not you will be staying nearby when you buy your first home. This could affect children if they are already in school and will have to transfer. It will affect doctors and other medical professionals that you will have to meet. It will even affect whether or not you will have family nearby to help with the children if emergencies arise.

Have You Created Your Budget?

You may be discouraged or frustrated if you purchase a home without knowing your true budget. There is nothing worse than losing your house before you really get to enjoy it. If you are buying a home to accommodate children, this can put a serious strain on your family dynamic. Do not make the mistake of not making a budget before you decide if you can buy a home, what price range you can afford, and when you can afford the home you would like to buy.

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Anonymous Sales Representatives Tell Their Most Memorable Stories
Saturday, 15 July 2017, 09:50:00 AM
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We have all met people that we must work with that inspire us to laugh so hard that we cry. Here you’ll find a few of the most memorable stories that anonymous sales representatives have told about their various interactions with their clients.3 Annonymous reps

Sales Representative One

“I once scheduled a meet with a client and his wife at a classy restaurant downtown. They sounded nice on the phone, but immediately voiced their concerns about not being able to find a home in their price range that would suit their five person family. Fast forward to the night our meeting and I am waiting in the restaurant with my best suit on and organizing my information while I wait for my client. The couple finally appeared about 20 minutes late. They were both wearing flip flops, floral tops, and shell necklaces around their neck as if they’d just returned from a tropical destination. The waiter comes to the table offering the pair a glass of wine to which the wife responds “oh please, he already whines enough”. Not wanting to respond, I go into my normal introduction. The wife then shouts, “Wait, what is your name again? Why do we have to be here?”

I tried my best to gain the necessary details, but the pair could not focus. Needless to say I left feeling confused and acutely aware of their peculiarity. I had no choice but to laugh because, looking back, I suspect that they were intoxicated when they showed up.”

Sales Representative Two

“My latest client came to me looking for a home to raise their growing family in. When the first woman walked in, she started by politely introducing herself and letting me know that her partner was pregnant and would need a bit of water once she sat down. I was not at all concerned and promptly poured her a cup of water from the water fountain next to my desk. Moments later the second woman showed up. She apologized because she was out of breath. Again, no big deal. As soon as I sat back down behind my desk to start our meeting, the first women pulls out a list of requirements that the pair had for the next house that they would be buying. As she handed me that list she knocks the full glass of water onto her partner’s crotch. Poor thing was so embarrassed that she quickly stood up to exit and told everyone that her water had broken and that she needed to leave immediately”.

Sales Representative Three

“I had been meeting with this client for quite some time prior to this incident. Actually, we were to the point of visiting homes that were in her price range. As a young adult female, she was quite well put together and made a decent salary. It was a beautiful Sunny day in June when we got to our first home meeting. She seemed quite interested in the home so we took the standard tour and ended by discussing the details while seated at a table with impeccable white chairs. My client said that she wanted to look at one more house on our list before making her final decision. She stands up first to shake my hand, her face turns white, and she immediately sat back down with the biggest look of horror I have ever seen. Turns out she had been handling a heavy period and had bled through onto the seller’s expensive white kitchen chairs. Not only was I there, but the seller’s family was also there. The family assured her that it was not the end of the world, but I could tell that she heard none of it. The worst part was that the client was wearing white pants and had an 8 hour drive back home for a change of clothing”

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3 Unique Things You Learn If You Are Moving To Canada
Posted on Mon, 10 Jul 2017, 09:40:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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3 unique thingsIf you have never lived in Canada before, or perhaps never even taken a visit to Canada before, then there are going to be quite a few new things that you will learn along your journey. Canada is a unique and wonderful country willing to open their doors to those looking to create an honest and hardworking life in a safe place. With all of the troubles facing different countries today, a move to Canada could be just what you need.

First, remember that there is a legal process that you must commit to if you want to pick up and move to Canada. Just as with many other countries, there are opportunities, but there are also such things as border patrol and immigration laws that must be followed in order to safely, legally, and peacefully transition into your new home in Canada. This may be an annoyance, but remember that these procedures help to ensure that Canada remains a safe space both for those born there and for those like you that are trying to move there.

If you are committed to moving to Canada, here are a few unique things that you may learn:

They Are Called Sales Representatives

The person that buys and sells home in Canada is called a Sales Representative. If you are actively looking to buy or sell a home in Canada and need to find someone to help you with the process, the sales representative is the person that you call. This could be something that takes getting used to if you are accustomed to saying “real estate agent”, “estate agent”, or “real estate broker”. Even though many English speaking countries find some way to incorporate the word “estate” into the title of those the buy and sell homes, Canada simply sticks with “sales representative”.

Canada Is Pretty Culture-Friendly

Not everyone in Canada has this look of flannel, worn jeans, work boots, and an axe. If everyone in Canada cut down trees for a living then there wouldn’t be any trees left to see and everyone would be moving out of the country. This being said, not everyone in Canada is a white person with French or English origin. Not everyone in Canada speaks French or English exclusively either. Canada actually takes pride in their multi-cultural atmosphere. So if you are moving from a country with a lot of turmoil or discrimination, you may actually feel more at home in Canada than the place where you were actually born. One thing is absolutely for sure, you are going to find someone of your ethnic background and cultural understanding when you move to Canada.

Bartenders, Waiters, and Waitresses Actually Pay To Serve You

You may be from a country where the only form of “tipping” that you are accustomed to is the beverage that comes out of the end of a spout and into a cup. Maybe you come from a country where tipping is actually insulting or unwelcome. In Canada, tipping is the act of giving an amount of money to the individual that serves you food or beverages to thank you for their service. These workers are not promised minimum wage, and could be making far less than that as an employee of that particular establishment. If you do not leave a tip to these workers, then they may actually be paying out of their pocket to serve you. Your receipt should provide you with suggested tip amounts if you are new to the process of tipping your wait staff.

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Questions To Ask Your Sales Representative When Buying Your First Home
Posted on Fri, 30 Jun 2017, 11:35:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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Buying your very first home in Canada can be one of the most exciting moments in your entire lifetime, but it can also be one of the most scary and unknown moments in your lifetime as well. You will likely experience many emotions ranging from pure joy and excitement to sadness and frustration throughout this process. Hiring a sales representative should help you to figure out how to focus your energy, but it is important to interview your new potential sales representative before you decide to work with them. Here are just a few questions you may use to interview your sales representative:

How Long Have You Been Helping Customers Buy Homes?

This is really a new way of asking your new potential representative what experience they have in buying home for clients just like you. They are used to answering the same questions, so this new variation will be a way of gauging how they act when they are caught just a bit off-guard while still gaining the information you need to continue the process of buying your first Canadian home.

Do You Have A List Of References I Can Contact?questions to ask your sales rep

If your sales representative is serious about gaining you as a client, they will treat this interaction just as they would if they were applying for a job. As with any job interview, they should have a list of references that can, and should, be contacted as you see fit. This is a serious life change for you and you deserve to do your research.

Do You Have A Valid License That Is In Good Standing?

A great sales representative will not only have a valid license to sell and buy homes, they will also be able to prove to you that their license is in good standing. This means that they have very few, if any complaints in comparison to clients that have been happy with their services.

How Often Will You Be In Contact With Me?

Make sure that you will be hiring a sales representative that is committed to contacting you whenever there is any sort of change in the status of homes that you are interested in. If your sales representative isn’t committed to communication you will have a poor experience.

Are Your Fees Negotiable?

A flexible sales representative will work with you if things do not go according to planned. If your potential representative says that they will not be flexible in their fees, then you may wish to also consider other candidates that may be more open to working with your individual needs should they arise.

Will You Be Respectful Of My Budget?

There are plenty of sales representatives that will want to show you houses outside of your budget if they think they can push you to buy them. This is basically your opportunity to say, “do not show me houses outside of my budget. I am serious about this” without sounding rude or disrespectful.

What Should I Know About This Process?

This is your potential sale representative’s opportunity to tell you everything that you would not or could not think to ask. This could include anything from paperwork to timelines to just about anything in the middle. Think of this question in the same way as an interviewer asking an interviewee if they have any other questions. If your sales representative has nothing to give you as the expert, then you just may want to continue looking for a representative that will be able to provide you with all of the information you didn’t know you needed.

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Pleasing The Young Home Buyer
Posted on Tue, 20 Jun 2017, 11:35:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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When it comes to real estate there are plenty of people in the market for a new home. What tends to be forgotten is that many who are searching come from Generation "Y". This means that it is important to consider the younger crowd when getting ready to sell your home. As always that means getting yourself into the right frame of mind before updating your house to appeal to the millennials. It is imperative to think like a buyer when you are selling your home and if your neighborhood is an up and coming area it makes it even more important. Here are some of the latest trends that young buyers are looking for to help you sell that house fast.

Turn on the television

No, we don't mean during a showing. Turn on the television and watch some of the latest in home design. This is a great way to find out what many typical millennials are going to be looking for. There is no need to overdo it, but adding in an element that is frequently shown on one of the shows can push your house up on the favorites list.

Fix it upPleasing the young home buyer

Many new homeowners especially the young clients are busy working on their careers and find time to be lacking. This makes it important to take your time getting that house in shape before listing it. If you decide not to fix it up it can often sit on the market for a much longer time. This means, either way, you are waiting so you might as well get an extra return on your money out of it. There are people who will have the time to do it themselves and will want it done to their own tastes.

Kitchen and bath sells

If you are going to fix anything here are some suggestions to focus on. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in today's world, it needs to be open to the rest of the house if at all possible. That might mean taking down a wall, but that is what new buyers are looking for, open entertaining spaces. So, consider getting rid of the formal dining area and open up space instead. Bathrooms should also be somewhat grand especially if they are in the master bath. Keep the colors neutral yet contrasting to draw the eye into the room. Keeping colors similar throughout the house seems to be a popular trend as well.

Work at home space

Each year more and more people are able to work from home as part of their job. It is important to create a space for a home office. This is a bit easier to create than a kitchen or bathroom. If you have the ability to go ahead and use a spare bedroom to show the possible buyer that the home has possibilities as an office. Even if you do not have room for a complete room there are other ways to turn the corner of a room into a great office space.

No matter what it is that you are doing the most important thing to show is that your current home has great possibilities for a future buyer. The more offerings you will get if they can picture themselves in the home itself. So, watch the reality home shows and open up space in your home to create a dream kitchen for the next owner. If that is too much simply do what you can to make it move in ready and desirable and you will be on your way to a sale.

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Mistakes Made by Beginner House Flippers
Posted on Thu, 15 Jun 2017, 11:35:00 AM  in Home renovations
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Due to the mass of house flipping shows on television, amateur house flippers are looking into purchasing their first home for renovation. House flipping involves buying a downtrodden home that's been undervalued, renovating that home and reselling it within a few months.

Not Planning and Budgeting

Beginners often underestimate the work and costs involved in flipping a home. They don't understand the amount of work involved or how much they'll actually need for a budget. Instead of having a tight budget, they have a vague, broad budget that is often wrong. There should always be a list of potential problems that could happen with a house flip. The budget should have room to cover these unexpected costs too.

Lack of Patiencemistakes from flippers

Professionals know that it can take months to find the right property to renovate. After renovating the home, it can take some time to fix it and schedule inspections before it's ready to be put on the market. Beginners make the mistake of not allowing enough time to find the right property. They're eager to jump on the first home that seems like a fairly decent investment. It's a mistake that many new home flippers make.

Not Knowing Their Buyer

While the new flipper might look at comps in the area, he or she doesn't understand the mindset of their buyer. It might be a buyer willing to spend within a certain bracket, but that's as far as they'll consider. If it's a neighborhood with a good school district, it'll be appealing to families. That will influence the renovation process.

Pricing Incorrectly

The beginning investors will think that their home has the best and newest of everything, so it should be a higher price than other homes in the area. This lack of knowledge means they don't understand the market. A real estate agent can help beginning flippers while they gain experience in buying a home to renovate.

Ignoring the Inspection

Before the professional buys a home for renovation, he'll secure an inspection of the property from a professional. This inspection will tell them whether there are major structural issues or if the house just needs a facelift and makeover. Beginners are not experienced enough to know when they need a professional and when they can do everything themselves.

Not Understanding Costs

On the television shows, it'll show flippers earning a lot of money in a limited amount of time. They leave out details like the costs that went into the flip as well as costs like inspections. There are closing costs, carrying costs, financing costs and buying costs associated with buying and renovating a home. The costs can add almost 20 percent on top of the selling price.

Whenever you're starting a new venture, there are bound to be mistakes. Unfortunately, beginning house flippers can make mistakes that cost thousands. Have a plan in place and get the advice of a professional for many of the major decisions. A general contractor, professional inspector and real estate agent can all guide you when you're first starting out as a house flipper.

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Managing Varying Opinions When Discussing The Big Move
Posted on Sat, 10 Jun 2017, 11:30:00 AM  in Home buying tips
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When you make the decision to move you and your entire family to a new home, there will be a variety of opinions that each member of your family will experience. This includes you. Unless your home is literally in the middle of a swamp, you have hungry predators breaking into your home every night, and the house is falling to pieces each time you look at it, you will have to be good at helping your family to manage the varying opinions that are expressed. You will, for example, want to ensure that nobody gets so angry at another person that they do not talk for an exceptionally long amount of time.

You have a great deal of pressure on your shoulders if you are the only person that knows that you will be selling your home and buying a new one in a different location. Try to keep calm and discuss this news with your family members all at once. If you have the opportunity to tell your spouse or significant other before the family meeting, try and do so before you have made your decision final. There are severe repercussions for big decisions that are made without consulting an equal member of the family that should be included in such decisions that also affect them. Once you have made this decision final and are ready to tell your family, think about doing so in a way that is gentle but firm for those that may immediately opposed to the idea.

Angermanaging varying opinions

You will likely experience anger from your significant other if they are finding out about your decision after you have already made the decision final. This is especially true if you are telling the entire family at the same time and they find out along with everyone else. You may also expect your children to be upset if they are attached to the home and to all of their friends in the area. The prospect of moving is hard to handle for most people if they are content or happy with where they are currently living their life. This is one of the most common emotions that will be expressed when loved ones find out they are moving for the first time.


Those that are happy living the way that they are living and where they are living may expression confusion if they do not express anger. This confusion comes from feeling as though they are finding out information that they did not expect to hear. If you have been acting as though you and your family will live in your current home for another decade and then you come to your family with this news, you will definitely inspire quite a bit of confusion. Be prepared for any confused members of your family to ask as many questions as they can think of in a very short span of time. This is simply their effort to try and figure out the situation that has just been presented to them.

Sadness Or Devastation

There are many situations in which moving is sad or devastating. It could be because of a loss in the family or the loss of a job. It could be because you have accepted a position and your family suspects that they will have to move away from all of their friends, neighbors, and possibly other family members. Sadness is one emotion that you are almost guaranteed to experience from at least one family member at some point during the process.

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Top 9 Mistakes That First Time Buyers Make When Buyers Their First Home
Posted on Wed, 31 May 2017, 02:50:00 PM  in Home buying tips

Top 9 Mistakes That First Time Buyers Make When Buyers Their First Home

Are you looking to buy a new Canadian house this year? To avoid chaos, here are a few mistakes that first time buyers often make when they purchase their first Canadian dream home.

Not Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

Top 9 Mistakes That First Time Buyers Make When Buyers Their First HomeGetting approved for a mortgage can actually take quite a bit of time. If you do not get pre-approved for a mortgage loan, then you may actually lose out on buying the home that you would really love to purchase. A lot can happen between showing interest in a home and getting approved for a loan.

Thinking You Can Afford More Than You Actually Can

Many first time buyers want to jump straight into buying a home at the very top of what they think is their price range. There are quite a few factors that many first time buyers do not account for when they purchase a home including all of the insurance costs, utility costs, loans, and home repairs.

Not Hiring A Sales Representative

Sales Representatives actually know what they are talking about when they advise you on the legal matters of buying a home. These individuals are usually looking to help buyers avoid legal trouble so that they in turn can get paid for their service.

Paying More Than You Have To For A House

Many first time buyers do not think that they can make an offer that is less than what the buyer is asking for. While not all buyers will accept all offers, many will at least consider the option if it means selling their homes quickly.

Failing To Account For The Extra Costs

Homes of all ages require constant upkeep and repairs. Many first time home buyers spend all of their money on the mortgage loan and utilities and fail to understand that they may need to replace the oven or washing machine within the first few months of moving in.

Not Getting The House Inspected First

A house inspection before purchase is an absolute must. First time home buyers do not always think about this step as they are just excited to buy a home. It is important to know that you are buying exactly what you think you are and not a mess that will cost more to fix than it is worth.

Not Inspecting The Neighborhood First

There is almost nothing worse than moving into your dream home only to find out that it is in a very unsafe neighborhood with a lot of crime. Many first time home buyers feel locked into a house because they simply can’t afford to move once they are there.

Underestimating The Cost Of Repairs

It is one thing to know that the house will need to be repaired. It is an entire new thing to underestimate the cost of the materials and repairs that will need to be done before the home is actually liveable.

Not Doing Your Own Research

Many first time buyers jump into buying a home based on the recommendations and advice of their sales representatives and mortgage companies without doing their own research. Many first time buyers do not know that they could get the same or better coverage or deals for less money because they simply just do not do their research online before buying the home.

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The Single Personís Guide To Buying A Home
Posted on Sat, 20 May 2017, 02:45:00 PM  in Home buying tips
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The Single Person’s Guide To Buying A Home

You know plenty of people that wait to buy a home until they have multiple roommates, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a spouse to split all of the bills with. So naturally you may be a little bit skeptical or cautious as a single person looking to buy your own Canadian dream home.

If you are single and looking to purchase a home of your very own, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Get Serious Advice From A Trained Sales Representative

The Single Person’s Guide To Buying A HomeGetting professional advice from a sales representative may be one of the most important things you can do as you prepare to buy yourself a home. You can talk to these individuals about anything that is related to buying your home including: budget, timelines, contracts, and even mortgages. These individuals should be open and honest with you as you talk to them. Remember, they want to get paid for helping you so they should be working pretty hard to lock you in as a client.

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

If you are a first time homebuyer, you should be looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Depending on your age, your credit history, and a few personal details you could be looking at a lengthy process for getting pre-approved for this mortgage. If you have made an offer on the home and cannot deliver because you are waiting for your mortgage to get approved, then you may miss out if the owner chooses to sell it to the next best bidder. Don’t miss out for a silly little mistake like this.

Make A Plan For Your Money

You should be making serious plans for your money before you decide how much you can afford to spend on a house. Make sure that you know your take-home salary per month and what bills you are obligated to pay regardless of whether your own a home or not. Once you know these bills, start estimating bills like mortgage payments and utility bills. If you need a little help for making your budget, then you can talk to sales representatives, family members, and even the internet.

Make Sure You Have Emergency Money Set Aside

One of the biggest mistakes that homebuyers make, especially single and inexperienced homebuyers, is not setting aside money for emergencies before putting the down payment on a house. You need to make sure that you have enough money to cover the replacement of a furnace, a water leak, or a car disaster at a moment’s notice. This is especially important if you are the only person accountable and financially responsible for these repairs.

Practicality Always Beats Fashion

Be careful that you do not go out and purchase a bunch of items that you cannot use or could be perceived as frivolous. You do not need the vintage wine crate if you do not even drink alcohol. You do not need every appliance that man has ever created just because they are novelty- yes, the hotdog can be cooked in the same pan you use to fry your eggs in the morning.

Take Home Advice

You do not have to be worried about buying a home if you are a single person. Plenty of people in Canada enjoy being the single owner of a home that they have all to themselves. Hopefully the tips above will be helpful for you, the single person buying a beautiful Canadian home.

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Statement Pieces For Your New Home
Posted on Mon, 15 May 2017, 02:40:00 PM  in Home buying tips
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Statement Pieces For Your New Home

Buying a new Canadian home is a big deal and you deserve every right to celebrate your incredible accomplishment. Whether this is your first Canadian home or your last you are sure to be on the search for the perfect statement piece or pieces that make this home unique from all of your others.

Here are just a few ideas for statement pieces you can buy as well as places you can put them to maximize their full potential:

Bed Or Bed Set Fit For Royalty

Statement Pieces For Your New HomeThe staple for any grand new Canadian home is a bed or bed set fit for royalty. This could be a large king sized bed with a canopy and draping. It could be a captain’s bed with shelves, storage, and matching night stands. It could even be a metal frame with intricate detailing that means a lot to you. Even though this statement piece isn’t out in the open like a piece for the living room or yard, it is a statement piece that is strategically placed for your enjoyment nonetheless.

Counter Tops To Die For

Have you ever walked into a house and simply admired the features of a room that you did not know would be the focal point but are? Kitchen counters tend to fall into this category of being completely unappreciated until they are absolutely beautiful. For you this may mean that you are using the most expensive material with real gold flakes or an intricate marble counter with unique colors. It could mean just about anything depending on what your values are and what you are looking for. One thing is for certain though. If your counters are beautiful they are considered to be a statement piece as well as any other piece of pottery or furniture.

Clawfoot Tub For Elegance

Clawfoot tubs used to be in many homes many decades ago. They were a symbol of elegance, sophistication, maturity, and in many instances financial advantage. In the 21st century these clawfoot tubs are becoming less and less common as tub and shower combination units are cheaper and more functional for the average family. By these standards you could purchase any clawfoot tub that you would like and choose to make that the focal point of a large bathroom and known that you are making a statement just by having the tub. You will definitely receive bonus points if you are able to buy an elaborate and well-made clawfoot tub with history or personality.

Fountain To Attract Nature’s Finest

Fountains are the perfect statement pieces for yards. They range in size, color, and material to fit any theme and any size yard. They are functional tools that help to relax you and provide your small animals with a place to rest or drink. A fountain is the sort of statement that not only wows humans but animals as well.

Fireplace Sure To Warm Hearts

Canada has its fair shares of cold nights, windy afternoons, and all-day snowstorms. This weather helps to give Canada part of its charm and unique wildlife. You as a warm-blooded individual will probably tend to favor the warm invitation of a cozy fireplace to the cool invitation of a rainy night’s walk. If this is you, then consider investing in a high-quality fireplace with grand detailing and a beautiful ledge to hang pictures and prizes possessions. The perfect fireplace will make one of the grandest statements that you could have ever asked for in a statement piece.

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